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June 23, 2011

THANK YOU Palm Beach! $4,150,000!

by PBUnitedWay

The 2010-2011 campaign ends next Thursday, and once again the people who live or work on the island of Palm Beach stepped up to make a difference in this community.  Those who could give, gave more.  Those who couldn’t give, gave anyway.  You showed that you care about the people in need in Palm Beach County.  Volunteers mobilized.  Partner agencies collaborated.  People received the services they so desperately needed.   Once again, we all came together and showed our capacity to care for one another.

By working with the Town of Palm Beach United Way, you have taken on a role in our community to inspire and facilitate change. We are making an impact in our community for thousands of people.  We are giving hope to people who have found themselves in a time where hope is at an epic low.

You all are so valued by what you do every day for the Town of Palm Beach United Way.  You make a difference for so many in Palm Beach County.   THANK YOU for passionately believing in what we do as an organization.  THANK YOU for doing your part.  On behalf of the clients assisted by our 46 partner agencies, THANK YOU!


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