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The Center for Family Services is Making a Difference

At the Town of Palm Beach United Way, we hear inspiring stories everyday about agencies and programs that really make a difference throughout our community.   For a frightened child, a safe place and someone to confide in is a big deal. One family found just that through The Center for Family Services’ SAFE Kids program. Read more »


Numbers Don’t Lie

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 2.6 million people fell into poverty last year. The total number of Americans currently living below the official federal poverty line reached 46.2 million – the highest the bureau has reported in 52 years (when they first began reporting on poverty).  Read more »


Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is upon us. For many, Labor Day is just another day we get to take off work or school. It’s a day to relax, go to the beach and cook-out with family and friends. While Labor Day is certainly all of these things, most importantly, it is a celebration of worker’s rights and the triumphs that the US labor movement has gained over the last couple of centuries. Read more »