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September 22, 2011

The Center for Family Services is Making a Difference

by PBUnitedWay

At the Town of Palm Beach United Way, we hear inspiring stories everyday about agencies and programs that really make a difference throughout our community.   For a frightened child, a safe place and someone to confide in is a big deal. One family found just that through The Center for Family Services’ SAFE Kids program.

When we came to The Center for Family Services a few months ago, we had just been told by our daughter that she had been molested a few years earlier. She was withdrawn, not only emotionally, but physically and mentally. We had tried to talk to her and find out what was wrong, but she had no intention of letting us know her secret. When she finally told us, we were told that The Center for Family Services would be a good fit for her.

After just one session with our daughter, you could see a small glimmer of change in her attitude. You could see she was thinking that there was hope for her. The secret wasn’t worth keeping anymore. She came out with a smile. She found out that many other girls had the same secret and were on the same journey. She felt like a SAFE kid! She IS a SAFE kid!

I had never really heard of The Center for Family Services before that day, but I can assure you that I will NEVER forget the Center or any of the wonderful staff that have helped her emerge from her chrysalis of darkness and into a blossoming, look-to-the-future teenager.

Her molester was arrested last week. She is looking forward to having him face the consequences of his actions and move forward with life knowing he will NEVER have the opportunity to harm another young girl. She knows that the Center will be with her throughout the trial process, and that gives her strength.

The Center has made our lives much better by being there – listening, and truly caring about all the kids. We will be forever indebted to them. We have been blessed through this program and may the Center be blessed in return.

The SAFE Kids program at The Center for Family Services is just one of the many programs the Center provides.  The program was established in 1998 and provides specialized counseling services for victims of various forms of abuse and violence, with long-term outcomes:  maintenance of, and continued improvement in, life functioning; cessation of the multigenerational transmission of abuse and violence cycles in families; improved ability to cope; cessation of re-victimization after treatment and enhanced relationships with self and others.

The Center for Family Services is one of the many Town of Palm Beach United Way agencies striving to make a positive impact throughout Palm Beach County.  For more information about The Center for Family Services and other Town of Palm Beach United Way member agencies, visit


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