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December 9, 2011

Feeding South Florida is Making a Difference

by PBUnitedWay

The current economic climate has forced many families to make difficult decisions, such as whether to pay for bills or food. Many who often assisted those in need are now struggling to make ends meet, and must now ask for assistance themselves. Feeding South Florida recently assisted one such family.

A grandmother who often helped distribute food to those in need, found herself also in need of help. Several months ago, two of her children lost their jobs and were forced to move in with her. The two children came home with their spouses and children. She went from an empty nest, and meeting her daily needs with her small Social Security check, to living in a home with four other adults and five grandchildren. Three of the adults have part-time jobs and only one has a full-time job. Today, they are referred to as the working poor, individuals who are working, but are still unable to meet basic needs.

Seeking assistance from the food pantry was a very difficult decision for this grandmother and her family. They were always able to take care of themselves and help those around them. However, they now found themselves making those difficult decisions so many others are faced with. Should we pay for the electric bill or groceries? While the decision was not easy, the family did visit the pantry.

The partnership between Feeding South Florida and the Town of Palm Beach United Way has brought this family much needed hope in their time of need. With this help, they are now able to provide food for the family, pay their bills and use any remaining money to purchase the few necessities that aren’t always available at a pantry. They are now able to make the most of their resources and can focus on moving their family forward. It is partnerships like this that help create a better community throughout Palm Beach County.

Tough times are certainly upon us, but have not defeated us. Together, with our 47 member agencies, we believe that the Town of Palm Beach United Way can make lasting change in a big way! For more information about Feeding South Florida and our other member agencies, visit


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