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April 8, 2013

The Lord’s Place is Helping to End Homelessness

by PBUnitedWay

The Town of Palm Beach United Way is committed to ending the cycle of homelessness.  We partner with community agencies that provide services to those in our community who are in need of help – finding a safe place to live, learning skills to get a job, etc.

One of our partner agencies, The Lord’s Place, provides comprehensive programs and case management.  They have helped thousands of people find their way out of homelessness during its more than thirty years of operation.  One such success story is Eric Lundgren.

Eric Lundgren was homeless and living on the streets of South Florida for 10 years.  Homeless and hopeless after being released from jail, Eric Lundgren  reached rock bottom and then reached out for help.

He found it through a series of programs including the Lord’s Place Job Training Program.  After successfully completing the program, he became a Chef’s Apprentice at Cafe Joshua, a Town of Palm Beach United Way funded program. He said that The Lord’s Place Job Training program “taught me how to associate with people in the workplace, how to build trust and respect and how to communicate effectively.  It made all the difference for me.”  Eric is now a full-time Catering Chef with The Lord’s Place, creating the sumptuous food for private and corporate events served by The Lord’s Place Café Joshua Catering.

The Lord’s Place Social Enterprise businesses create jobs for individuals with significant barriers to employment. Their vision is to create a supportive environment where anyone can find meaningful employment and achieve independence. The Lord’s Place operates two social enterprise businesses: The Lord’s Place Thrift Store and Café Joshua Catering Company. Both of these ventures’ primary purpose is to create meaningful employment opportunities for their clients and further their journey toward independent and self-sufficient lives.

“While our first effort with any client it to make sure they have a safe and suitable place to call home, we know that the road out of homelessness requires our clients to find meaningful work that will help sustain them as contributing members of society,” said The Lord’s Place CEO Diana Stanley.  “Our job training and placement programs and social enterprises are important components in helping our clients succeed.”

Tough times are certainly upon us, but have not defeated us.  Together, with our 48 member agencies, we believe that the Town of Palm Beach United Way can make lasting changes.  For more information about the Town of Palm Beach United Way and our member agencies please visit

For more information about The Lord’s Place visit



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