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March 20, 2014


Where Your Donation Goes – Part II

by PBUnitedWay

In Part One of “Where Your Donation Goes,” we learned that 79 of the most remarkable volunteers have been trained and received all the paperwork needed to make funding decisions for the Town of Palm Beach United Way.


I am happy to report that to date all of the initial visits have been made, thousands of pages of grant applications, budgets, audits and 990’s have been reviewed – and the preliminary information has been presented for each agency by the volunteers at their team meetings.


As a team, each group will visit all the agencies on their team.  From Delray to Jupiter and West Palm Beach to Belle Glade these volunteers travel around Palm Beach County spending time with agency directors, staff and board members focusing on one core objective:  BEING THE EYES AND EARS OF THOUSANDS OF DONORS – AND SPENDING DONATIONS FROM THE TOWN OF PALM BEACH UNITED WAY’S ANNUAL CAMPAIGN AS EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVLY AS POSSIBLE.   Currently 17 of 49 visits are complete, leaving the remaining visits happening in the next couple of weeks.

One thing I have learned over the years is that the allocation volunteers, all coming from different backgrounds, approach the agency visits from different viewpoints.   Some gravitate to the numbers – expected outcomes or figures on the budget.  Others focus on the specific ways each program would be helping our community.  Other volunteers think about the sustainability of the program; funding constraints that the program may have; or differences in outcomes from one program year to the next. 


Below are the names of our 79 allocation volunteers. They are the heart and soul of the Town of Palm Beach United Way.  If you are one of them – THANK YOU.   If you know one of these hardworking volunteers – THANK THEM. 

Allocation Names

To see the allocations of funding from last year visit our website.

Since 1945, the Town of Palm Beach United Way has invested more than $60 million into Palm Beach County because of generous donors like you.  Although some of the needs since 1945 have changed, the Town of Palm Beach United Way is still helping people who struggle with hunger, homelessness, job loss, abuse, mental illness and more.  To find out more about the Town of Palm Beach United Way visit  On behalf of the community we serve, THANK YOU for the difference you make.  

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  1. Beth Walton
    Mar 20 2014

    Love these volunteers!


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