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April 24, 2014

Where Your Donation Goes – Part Three

by PBUnitedWay

Part 1 and 2 of “Where Your Donation Goes” gave you the information about all the preliminary work done in the allocation process.   Over the last three months the teams of volunteers did the hard work necessary to ensure funds raised in our annual campaign are spent in the most efficient and effective way possible.  It is estimated that each volunteer:

Logged in about 45 miles traveling all over Palm Beach County

  • Spent approximately 10 hours reading grant applications
  • Spent around 15 hours visiting partner agencies
  • Asked the tough questions to make sure they understood the strengths of each program


Funding decisions for the Town of Palm Beach United Way are not magic.   They are a result of hard work and dedication to the community.  After one of the meetings, I asked one of the volunteers why she spends some many hours volunteering in this capacity.   She said she thoroughly enjoyed it and added something I will never forget, “In order to make change, you must do it from the inside.”


Below are the names of our 79 allocation volunteers. They are the heart and soul of the Town of Palm Beach United Way.  If you are one of them – THANK YOU.   If you know one of these hardworking volunteers – THANK THEM. 

Allocation Names

To see the allocations of funding from last year visit our website.  (The 2014-2015 agency funding will be available April 25th on the website).

Since 1945, the Town of Palm Beach United Way has invested more than $60 million into Palm Beach County because of generous donors like you.  Although some of the needs since 1945 have changed, the Town of Palm Beach United Way is still helping people who struggle with hunger, homelessness, job loss, abuse, mental illness and more.  To find out more about the Town of Palm Beach United Way visit  On behalf of the community we serve, THANK YOU for the difference you make.  


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