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June 1, 2015


by PBUnitedWay
prepare for an emergency florida

Frances, Jeanne, Wilma — 3 reasons you should prepare for an emergency living in South Florida. Yes, it’s that time of year again… Hurricane Season begins TODAY, June 1st.

Having endured our share of hurricanes in the past, it is apparent that when a hurricane is about to pummel our area, everyone rushes out in a panic to stock up on “last minute” supplies, which are usually sold out by the mad rush. Beat the crowd, prepare NOW, and make sure your family has a plan before an emergency.

Hurricane preparedness is a year round job when you live in South Florida.

The Supplies

Assemble your disaster supply kit. It is important to keep all of these supplies into one location so they are easy to access. Suggested Supplies; Emergency Kit

The Plan

The Palm Beach County Hurricane Survival Guide is a wonderful local resource guide for important telephone numbers, hurricane plan checklists for anything imaginable, emergency supply checklists, shelter and evacuation information, you name it. Get a Plan; Tips for Evacuation

Discuss any potential hazards with your family. Determine if you are in an evacuation area. Identify an out-of-town family contact. MAKE SURE YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY KNOWS THE PLAN!

Palm Beach County Preparedness! This link has everything you need from planning for a hurricane to after the storm hits; gas stations with transfer switches, Publix, Home Depot, and Lowes stores powered by generators, hurricane shelters, emergency supply shopping list. Information is in English and Spanish.



Local Source for Information 2-1-1. In the actual case of hurricane activity, Hurricane and Severe Weather Activity becomes active.

Great information and links: It Only Takes ONE;; National Hurricane Center; Pet Preparation

PBC Dart– Palm Beach County Disaster Assessment and Resource Tool

Download here: iTunes Apple App | Google Android App

Features of the application include the following:

  • Evacuation Information
  • Shelter Information
  • Damage Reporting for Homes and Businesses
  • Emergency Operations Center Activation Level

Let’s Do This

Please share with us how you made your week count. No, it doesn’t need to take place on Monday – Monday just gets us excited about what the week has to offer, what we (ourselves) have to offer.

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We have an AWESOME community, let’s embrace it, make an impact — IT’S MONDAY, LET’S DO THIS!

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