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August 30, 2015


by PBUnitedWay
go exercise

Proper nutrition and exercise are essential tools for both the young and old to keep their minds sharp and their bodies healthy.


  • More than 50% of adults do not get enough physical activity and 24% are not physically active at all
  • 1 death occurs every 36 seconds from heart disease and stroke
  • Over 18% of children and 66% of adults are overweight, with 32.9% being obese
  • Roughly 20 million people have depressive disorders

Personally, I don’t want to be ANY of the above statistics.  I think we have all been at that point where we tell ourselves that “later on” we are going to go for a run, go to the gym, or do a workout from home.  But then, “later on” we come up with some excuse like, “it’s raining outside,” “gym memberships are expensive” or the most popular “I’m too tired.”  I know the excuses because I have used them.  What I can tell you is when I exercise I feel less stressed, less anxious, and happier.

Exercise can be fun especially when you incorporate it into your everyday life.  Grab your bike, go for a walk or even do a few exercises on your living room floor.  And for those of us lucky enough to live by the ocean — go for a swim, kayak, or paddleboard. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as long as you are moving and active. Because not only does exercise change your body for the better, it can also change your outlook on life to a more positive one. You’ll be happier — and healthier because of it.

So Hello Monday – Let’s Do This!

Help spread the word about the Town of Palm Beach United Way on social media for a chance to win a GoPro! Contest details:

And, please share with us how you made your week count. No, it doesn’t need to take place on Monday – Monday just gets us excited about what the week has to offer, what we (ourselves) have to offer.

  1. Follow us on: icons
  2. Look for the weekly theme on all of our social media throughout the day on Mondays
  3. Photograph, video, post, tweet about your experience
  4. Remember to tag @PBUnitedWay and use the weekly hashtags

We have an AWESOME community, let’s embrace it, make an impact — IT’S MONDAY, LET’S DO THIS!

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