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October 5, 2015


by PBUnitedWay
thank a fire-rescue worker

This week, we look to our local firefighters. They are our everyday heroes, saving lives. Whether they are on duty or off duty, out to lunch, out with their family, or enjoying their day off, firefighters and paramedics are trained to step into action when they see someone in distress. It’s that simple, they are SELFLESS individuals with the passion to help others.

Although, firefighters have a schedule where they work 24 hours and then have 2 days off, many firefighters have a second job. The schedule may seem ideal, however, this can be taxing when families are involved, having to miss that family time while on shift.

Often times, fire rescue is dispatched, not for a fire, but for an emergency situation, in order to save a life. Unfortunately, locally we have had our share of car fires, house fires, building fires, where people need to be pulled from these locations and given the much needed assistance and medical attention they need.

This week, our local Palm Beach and Palm Beach County fire rescue officials, deserve thanks and respect for their hard work and for putting their lives on the line to save ours. Take action by going to your local fire station and bringing breakfast or coffee, dropping off a meal or dessert, or just stopping by to say THANK YOU.

So Hello Monday – Let’s Do This!

Help spread the word about the Town of Palm Beach United Way on social media for a chance to win a GoPro! Contest details:

And, please share with us how you made your week count. No, it doesn’t need to take place on Monday – Monday just gets us excited about what the week has to offer, what we (ourselves) have to offer.

  1. Follow us on: icons
  2. Look for the weekly theme on all of our social media throughout the day on Mondays
  3. Photograph, video, post, tweet about your experience
  4. Remember to tag @PBUnitedWay and use the weekly hashtags

We have an AWESOME community, let’s embrace it, make an impact — IT’S MONDAY, LET’S DO THIS!

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