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February 1, 2016


by PBUnitedWay

This year 90 dedicated volunteers will ensure that the Town of Palm Beach United Way is a good steward of your donation (and mine) – so that our gifts make the biggest possible impact in Palm Beach County. These volunteers will serve as the eyes and ears of thousands of our donors.

Each year our Allocation volunteers undertake the daunting task of deciding which programs to fund from our 52 partner agencies, and how much to give to each. This process ensures that when donors give to the Town of Palm Beach United Way, they can do so knowing their donation is going to stay in the community and be well spent.


In the last couple of weeks, the Town of Palm Beach United Way offices have been extremely busy. The staff has put together all the paperwork and information that volunteers will need; and the volunteers have attended their trainings.   During the trainings, volunteers learned about administrative expenses, working capital, impact, program evaluation and measurement, governance, and outcomes.

The hard-working volunteers of the allocation committee will spend the next three months and countless hours examining community needs and agency services, audits, budgets, meeting with Executive Directors and staffs, and visiting each agency at least twice.  It is estimated that the entire committee works in excess of 3,000 hours on the process.


Since everyone is trained and ready to go – each of the volunteers will make their first visit to their assigned agency. Team Chairmen are assigned to each team and will offer guidance through the entire process. We are again fortunate to have Chairmen who have invested a great deal of their time and energy ensuring that the process goes smoothly.

In the weeks following the meetings the volunteers will be busy visiting their assigned agencies and doing a lot of homework for the next part of this process.   Please stay tuned to PART 2: Where Your Donation Goes.

Year after year, I and the staff of the Town of Palm Beach United Way are honored to get a front and center seat to every step of the Allocation process.  We are able to see our remarkable volunteers spending so much of their time making sure the donations made to the Town of Palm Beach United Way are effectively and efficiently invested to address critical health and human service needs throughout Palm Beach County.

To see the allocations of funding from last year visit our website.



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