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April 18, 2016


Volunteer Spotlight: Missy Agnello

by PBUnitedWay

Our monthly Volunteer Spotlight recognizes Town of Palm Beach United Way volunteers who are passionate, inspiring and dedicated. They are individuals committed to transforming lives and who invest in our vision of building healthy and strong communities.

Missy Agnello has been a volunteer at the Town of Palm Beach United Way for 17 years.  She serves on our Allocation Committee and is the Treasurer on our Board.  We sat down with her to ask her a few questions about volunteering at the Town of Palm Beach United Way and what it means to her.

What made you choose to volunteer with the Town of Palm Beach United Way?
My friend, Mayor Gail Coniglio, talked to me about getting involved with Allocations. After my first year doing allocations, I was hooked.  I loved the combination of making a huge difference in our community and working with the wonderful staff and other volunteers from the United Way.

What do you like most about volunteering with the Town of Palm Beach United Way?
This is a tough one because there are so many things I enjoy.  First and foremost is knowing and actually seeing the amazing difference that our donor’s monies are making in the lives of so many in Palm Beach County.  I’m an allocation junkie. I love the vetting process and being able to visit each and every one of our member agencies each year. Of course, I also get the chance to meet and work with some amazing volunteers.

What have you learned by being a volunteer with us?
That the residents of the Town of Palm Beach are generous and caring people.  They show this each and every year not only by their donations to the Town of Palm Beach United Way but also by sharing their time and talents.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering?
Of course I try to spend a lot of time with my family, especially during the winter season when I have both my parents and in-laws in South Florida.  Tennis, tennis and oh yeah tennis.

What is your most memorable volunteer moment?
When we were at a site visit of a member agency that had a domestic violence program that we fund and a client was describing her situation and how the program saved her.  She described the violence that was happening in her relationship and that she finally knew she needed to leave when her husband put a gun in her mouth in front of her children. I realized what a difference we are making not just to her but also her children.  I was glad I had on my reading glasses to catch my tears.

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  1. Apr 25 2016

    Awesome Volunteer – Thank you Missy!


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