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May 30, 2016


by PBUnitedWay

memorial-dayBefore I knew someone who died in service to our country, Memorial Day was just a three-day weekend.

Unlike Independence Day or even Veterans Day, Memorial Day is specifically meant to honor those who died in the line of duty. Because my daughter is in the military, I have had the honor of meeting many brave men and women who have chosen to make sacrifices to make this world a safer place for all of us. One such person was her friend, Will. Will, a Captain in the United States Airforce was killed in an F-16 crash in the Middle East. He was 30 years old.

So what does Memorial Day mean to me now? It means we should stop and think about the sacrifices these men and women have given for our freedom. They are stronger and braver than I could ever imagine myself being. They wear combat boots instead of capes – and are true heroes. They are people like Will, who heard the call to serve, and couldn’t be persuaded to do anything else.

Memorial Day is the day we thank those who did not return home. It is the day we remember the heroes who gave everything for the soldiers serving next to them and for the people they left at home.

Memorial Day is a day we are reminded of what those who serve in our military have given to this country, whether it’s years of service or their lives. Memorial Day is a day to remember these men and women for who they are – heroes, who did their job.


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