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September 26, 2016

Agency Spotlight: Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County

by PBUnitedWay

The Homeless Coalition has been a Town of Palm Beach United Way partner agency since 1996. They provide leadership in addressing and improving the quality of life of the Palm Beach County homeless through advocacy, planning, coordination, education and maximizing resources.

One program funded by the Town of Palm Beach United Way is Project Homeless Connect. Project Homeless Connect helps those who are homeless and offers them health screenings, haircuts, manicures, foot washing, clothing, a hot meal and access to services available to them. In addition, at each Project Homeless Connect there is an opportunity to receive assessments and placement if the homeless individual is ready to end their homelessness.

Meet Nona

About 5 years ago, the Homeless Coalition met Nona McKinney. She and her kids were staying in a hotel and were homeless. Each day, Nona would wake up and call every church in the phone book until she had enough money to cover the hotel fees, so her children could have shelter for at least one more night. Nona received help from homeless resource agencies who attended Project Homeless Connect. The information that she received, and help from the Homeless Coalition gave Nona and her family a hand up out of homelessness. Since then, Nona has started Nona McKinney Ministries and she is using her passions to help other people in crisis by encouraging them.

How It Makes a Difference

Project Homeless Connect is focused on reaching out to those who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. It gives those in attendance a chance to connect with different social services agencies that can help them find a way out of their situation. Project Homeless Connect taps into the resources within the community to find creative solution to help the homeless. These resources vary from health insurance enrollment, to food stamp assistance information, employment assistance, identification cards, health screenings and many other resources. Through relationships with business owners, professionals, elected officials and volunteers in the community, the homeless and those in danger of becoming homeless are also provided with a warm meal, clean clothes, haircuts, showers and different types of hygiene products.

How You Can Help

To learn more about the Homeless Coalition or to get involved please visit their website here.


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