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November 7, 2016


Volunteer Spotlight: Bud Tamarkin

by PBUnitedWay

Our monthly Volunteer Spotlight recognizes Town of Palm Beach United Way volunteers who are passionate, inspiring and dedicated. They are individuals committed to transforming lives and who invest in our vision of building healthy and strong communities.

Bud Tamarkin has been a volunteer at the Town of Palm Beach United Way for over 12 years.  Bud serves on our Allocation Committee. What sets Bud apart from our other volunteers is his age – he turned 90 this year. We sat down with Bud to ask him a few questions about volunteering at the Town of Palm Beach United Way and what it means to him.

What made you choose to volunteer with the Town of Palm Beach United Way?
I was a full time volunteer at the Palm Beach County Health Department working with Dr. Jean Malecki for over 22 years. When she retired, I was looking for other opportunities. I was doing some work with the Palm Beach County School System, but was always looking for greater personal involvement. My wife, Bernita, was a part of and loved the allocation committee for several years until she became too ill to continue. She was always thrilled with her experiences at the Town of Palm Beach United Way.

What do you like most about volunteering with the Town of Palm Beach United Way?
I love being a volunteer with an agency whose efforts make a difference in our community. The agencies I work with show results because of the dedication of and due diligence of the allocation volunteers in carefully selecting which agencies and programs to fund.

What have you learned by being a volunteer with us?
I have learned that you can’t change the world in a moment. You must have patience to work with our recipients, encourage them and make sure they have adequate resources to make the changes they desire. It is a gradual process. I personally have tried to learn to be more patient with my wishes and desires.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering?
When I am not volunteering with the Town of Palm Beach United Way, I am very involved with a national program that helps assist and trains people to learn to take positive steps and raise themselves out of poverty. This is a long term project and growth is not easy.  I am also working with the Palm Beach School Board to assist achieving better results from public education.

What is your most memorable volunteer moment?
The most wonderful moments that I spend with the Town of Palm Beach United Way cannot be easily classified. It could be when I assist other new volunteers to learn and appreciate the wonderful work we do and improve the donations we receive. Or when I get an a-ha moment when one of our agencies assumes new goals in their lives and help others. I am most thrilled when we set and achieve new goals for ourselves and our community.

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  1. Wendy
    Nov 8 2016

    Bud you will always be my hero!!!


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