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April 24, 2017

Agency Spotlight: HomeSafe

by PBUnitedWay

HomeSafe has been a Town of Palm Beach United Way partner agency since 1981.  They provide prevention and intervention services to infants, children and families through comprehensive programs including life skills, healthy beginnings, residential group care and safety net services.

One program funded by the Town of Palm Beach United Way is LifeSkills and Education.  This program teaches the HomeSafe resident teen boys and girls in the areas of academic progress, financial literacy, daily living skills, relationship and team-building strategies and employment and career development.

Sequoia came to HomeSafe at the age of 17, extremely shy and with low self-esteem.  Their initial assessment of Sequoia revealed that she was a full year behind in school and lacked interpersonal skills.  She needed an academic advocate and someone to pry her out of her shell. That’s when she met her life skills coordinator.  A life skills plan was created to help Sequoia address her areas of concern.  In collaboration with school officials, HomeSafe devised a strategy that would get Sequoia back on grade level.  She was encouraged to address her shyness and social skills by role playing, going out into the community, and introducing herself to potential employers.  After several months of following her life skills plan, Sequoia began to flourish in school and her self-confidence grew. She was brought on as a volunteer at a local animal shelter. Sequoia successfully completed the program at HomeSafe and transitioned to a lower level or care.  She was able to graduate high school on time and enrolled at Palm Beach State College, no longer shy and afraid.

How It Makes a Difference
Research indicates that adults, who were previously at-risk youth, are more likely to have higher rates of criminal activity, school drop-out, homelessness, drug abuse, poor health and unemployment.  By learning basic, but necessary life skills, this vulnerable population substantially improves its likelihood of achieving success in life.

How You Can Help

To learn more or get involved with the Town of Palm Beach United Way or HomeSafe visit their websites.


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