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May 22, 2017

Agency Spotlight: Achievement Centers for Children and Families

by PBUnitedWay

Achievement Centers for Children and Families has been a Town of Palm Beach United Way partner agency since 2013.  They provide affordable quality care to children whose parents otherwise could not maintain their job or go to school.  Their programs are designed to meet a child’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs; through toddler, preschool, afterschool, teen, adult and family programs.

The program funded by the Town of Palm Beach United Way is Pine Grove Afterschool.  This program serves students from low-income families who attend Pine Grove Elementary.  Afterschool activities include homework assistance and clubs.

Raylan is 11 years old and a creative thinker.  She enjoys singing and drawing, two things in which she excels.  As typical as she seems, Raylan was struggling in school and the much needed assignments were often not completed.  She repeated a grade and was at-risk of failing.  Without support, she was slipping through the cracks.  Achievement’s Centers team and Raylan’s mother recognized she was in need of specialized services.  With guidance, encouragement and an action plan, Raylan’s family and Achievement Centers worked together to get the academic support she desperately needed.  Meetings were scheduled to share Raylan’s specific academic needs and she was connected to a one-on-one volunteer tutor in the Afterschool Program. With academic intervention from Achievement Centers, Raylan dramatically improved, both socially and academically.  She is now receiving A’s and B’s on her tests, and while she still meets with her tutor at Achievement Centers, she has the self-confidence to complete assignments on her own.

How It Makes a Difference
Students are provided with a safe and structured environment and exposed to opportunities and experiences they might not otherwise receive.  Without these services, students would not have access to the same high-quality academic and socio-emotional support to help them avoid and overcome academic failure they are statistically inclined to face.

How You Can Help

To learn more or get involved with the Town of Palm Beach United Way or Achievement Centers for Children and Families visit their websites.


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